Jamal Shahin

Jamal Shahin

Research Professor "Governance and politics of the internet in Europe"


I am a part time Research Professor at the Institute for European Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and part time Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. My research and teaching interests are focused on two strands:

  1. the EU as an international actor, particularly with respect to other international institutions and especially in terms of ICTs (Internet, telecommunications)

  2. Information Society policies and the development of public administration and institutional reform in the EU.

Both strands focus on issues of European governance and examine the role of ICT therein. My research has focused on the new governance debate in the EU, eGovernment (research) policy in the EU, comparisons of eGovernment developments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the EU, and the performance of the EU in international institutions. I am involved in many expert groups at the EU and international levels on eGovernment and EU‐governance related issues. Consultancy projects that I have managed or been involved in have concerned, inter alia, EU‐funded research work in the areas of research policy, eGovernment, and eDemocracy policies at EU and national levels. I have experience in managing Europe‐wide projects and research staff, and have experience of working outside Europe, including Asia and the Middle East.

I can supervise PhD theses on topics of EU ICT policy both at the global and European levels.

I am a not-so-regular user of twitter:@jshahin, linkedin:jshahin, and skype:jshahin.


Key areas of interest/expertise

  • International Relations
  • Policy making, Governance, and Democratic processes in the European Union
  • Information Society policies in the European Union
  • eGovernment and eGovernment policies across the world
  • The EU as an international actor
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • ICTs, participation and public administration in international, EU, national, and local governance
  • EU external policy in the Arab world


Membership of professional bodies

‣ Ad hoc reviewer: International Journal of eGovernment Research, Government Information Quarterly, Telecommunications Policy, Journal of European Integration, Journal of Common Market Studies.

‣ European Communication Research and Education Association (corporate member).

‣ University Association for Contemporary European Studies (corporate member).

‣ Member of Editorial Board Information and Communication Technologies and Human Development.

Profile and Publications



  • OBERTHÜR, Sebastian, JØRGENSEN, Knud Erik & SHAHIN, Jamal. 2013. The performance of the EU in international institutions, London: Routledge


  • SHAHIN, Jamal. 2013. The International Telecommunication Union in JØRGENSEN, Knud Erik (University of Aarhus) and LAATIKAINEN, Katie (Adelphi University), The Routledge Handbook on the European Union and International Institutions. London: Routledge. Pp 234-246
  • SHAHIN, Jamal. 2013. The European Union's performance in the International Telecommunication Union, in Oberthür, Sebastian, Jørgensen, Knud Erik and Shahin, Jamal (eds), The performance of the EU in international institutions, London: Routledge, p. 85-100

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • SHAHIN, Jamal, WOODWARD, Alison & TERZIS, Georgios. 2013. The impact of the crisis on civil society organisations in the EU: risks and opportunities, Open Citizenship 4(1): 12-21.

Commissioned Research & Policy Work

  • OSIMO, David (Open Evidence), SMITH, Fabrizio (Open Evidence), VERONA, Marcello (Open Evidence), SZKUTA, Katarzyna (Open Evidence), SHAHIN, Jamal & MEYER, Trisha . 2014. Feasibility study on using automated technologies to support policy-making, SMART 2013/0024, Brussels: European Commission, July 2014 Link
  • CAVE, Jonathan (RAND Europe), JOYCE, Colum (c360), SHAHIN, Jamal, CAVE, Benjamin (21c) & SCHINDLER, Rebecca (RAND Europe). 2014. Putting the IC into ‘Policy’: Strategic analysis for optimising the role of ICT in EU policy delivery, Report Number: SMART 2013/0021, Brussels: European Commission, May 2014 Link
  • SHAHIN, Jamal, WOODWARD, Alison & TERZIS, Georgios. 2013. The impact of the crisis on civil society organisations in the EU: risks and opportunities. Brussels: European Economic and Social Committee.
  • VERHEYDEN, Mark, SHAHIN, Jamal & GLIDDEN, Julia. 2013. DG Connect's stakeholder engagement strategy, IES Policy Brief

Other Publications

  • SHAHIN, Jamal. 2013. New governance structures and engaging participation in service delivery, paper presented at Arab Regional Administrative Development Organisation Annual Forum, 25-28 September 2013