Accommodation and Social Activities

Being at the heart of Brussels and Europe, students attending the programme will have the opportunity to take part in a number of vibrant and stimulating social activities in their spare time.

The programme guarantees students will become accustomed to European Union politics, but Brussels will ensure students get a feel for European life. Students will be based at a hotel in the city centre (upon request), with access to Brussels’ array of social activities just a step outside the door.

Brussels is:

  • a relaxed but exciting city full of great restaurants, clubs, museums and much more. A truly cosmopolitan city that offers students downtime in-between lectures and interning.
  • home to an established American community, and Brussels offers students a range of social activities and events. Students will also get the chance to meet with Brussels-based alumni.
  • a gateway to the rest of Europe. Ideal for students wishing to follow up their study visit with a vacation to other parts of Europe. Brussels connects easily to European capitals such as Paris and Amsterdam via train and plane.