University Life and Campus

The IES is located on the campus of the Vrije Univeriteit Brussel (VUB), a green campus in Etterbeek in Brussels. Modern sports facilities with sports halls, tennis and squash courts, and a swimming pool can all be found on site. Monthly gym subscriptions are available at Health City, the modern and well-equipped gym right on campus. The student restaurant offers a large choice of meals and snacks at self-service counters. There are also two bars on campus: KultuurKaffee and Opinio. The campus is easy to reach by train, tram, bus or metro from the city centre or the outskirts of Brussels.

Around the Etterbeek campus and towards the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) Solbosch campus, there are many small restaurants serving Belgian or international food at reasonable prices, especially in the area of Chaussée de Boondael (bus 95 to Cimetière d’Ixelles). It is usually far cheaper to go for a meal at lunchtime because restaurants have set menus (from €8 on). If you like ethnic food, try the Vietnamese or Thai restaurants or those that serve North African food.

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