Belgian Living Lab on countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism

On 21 and 22 June, Irina van der Vet and Florian Lang organized and moderated the Kick-Off Workshop for the Belgian Living Lab on Countering Radicalisation Leading to Violent Extremism as part of the H2020 Mindb4Act project. Developed in collaboration with the European Foundation for Democracy, the closed-door event took place in Brussels and launched the collaborative ecosystem – Living Lab – aimed at creating innovative solutions for tackling radicalization and violent extremism in Europe. The team successfully brought together multispectral Belgian stakeholders from LEAs and grass-root organizations, as well as researchers and educators dealing with various aspects of radicalization. The meeting was opened by a speech given by the IES Academic Director Luk van Langenhove. Throughout the day, the participants focused on improving collaboration from early prevention to intervention in diverse societal settings. Specifically, the discussion touched upon the current state and challenges of CVE policies in Belgium the CVE practitioners needs and requirements, and last but not least, the integration of gender aspects in CVE work. The discussion was then followed by simulation exercises where the participants were divided into two groups in order to debate and come up with a concrete plan for action for certain societal challenges. For more information about the event, please visit this website.

On 22 June Irina van der Vet and Florian Lang organized two meetings, one with the Brussels Observatory for Prevention and Security and another one with the advisor to the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator at the Council of the European Union. The two meetings underpinned the processes and activities unfolding at different levels, regional and the EU, both contributing to a concerted effort in tackling violent extremism and radicalization.