Congratulations Dr Serena D’Agostino

On 6 September 2018, Serena D’Agostino defended her PhD thesis entitled “Romani Women in European Politics. Exploring Multi-Layered Political Spaces for Intersectional Policies and Mobilizations”. Her promoters were Prof. Dr. Ilke Adam and Prof. Dr. Karen Celis. As a PhD researcher at the IES, Serena was a part of the joint research programme Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe (EDGE) and the IES cluster Migration, Diversity and Justice. Serena is also a member of the VUB "RHEA Centre of Expertise on Gender, Diversity & Intersectionality" and an associate member of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies. Her PhD research project investigates how the EU contributes to shaping Romani women's policies and politics both nationally – i.e. mostly in Romania and Bulgaria – and transnationally. The Institute for European Studies would like to congratulate Dr Serena D’Agostino for successfully defending her PhD thesis.