EEG cluster organises its third policy forum in the series on sustainable aviation biofuels

On September 27, the EEG cluster, in the context of research carried out for EU FP7 project BFSJ, organised its third policy forum in the series on sustainable aviation fuels. The focus this time on policy environment, innovative initiatives and future trends outside of the EU. We had speakers from Brazil (Ministry and airline representatives), Indonesia (ministry and ICAO experts) and the USA (policy agency) presenting perspectives from their countries. Benefitting from having European experts in the house thanks to a morning workshop on the subject held also at the IES, the policy forum boasted 6 European stakeholders from the aviation biofuels supply chain who reacted to the International presentations, bringing them into context with European policy. Around 40 people attended the policy forum that was organised in collaboration with Airbus Group.


Presentations available for download