Europe focused UPV lecture series features 4 IES speakers

From October 2018 through May 2019, the IES and UPV co-organise a series of lectures on various aspects of the EU’s past, present and future. Four lectures will be delivered by speakers from the Institute for European Studies: Ilke Adam will discuss the EU’s migration policy (24 October), Tomas Wyns will take a look at the EU’s climate policy in the context of climate change (28 November), Alexander Mattelaer will tackle the topic of Brexit and its implications on daily life of EU citizens (20 March), and IES Academic Director Luk Van Langenhove will provide an overview of possible scenarios for the future of Europe (3 April). 

Here is a full overview of all lectures (delivered in Dutch) in this series:

For more information and registration, please visit the UPV website by clicking on any of the lecture titles.