FP7 project on Societal Security enters its fifth and final year after successful review meeting in the European Commission

Ólöf Söebech, Irina van der Vet and Florian Lang participated as project leaders from the IES at the SOURCE project review meeting at the European Commission Research Executive Agency on 7 March. The aim of the SOURCE Network of Excellence is to create a robust and sustainable virtual centre of excellence capable of exploring and advancing societal issues in security research and development. The IES has been mainly involved in creating an Online Mediawatch and Knowledge Databases, and more recently in creating multimedia online educational courses and materials. The latest achievement of the IES team that generated great interest from the Commissions’ reviewers is a highly innovative concept of the E-Handbook on Societal Security Crises and Emergency Response in Europe designed in the IES. The project is now moving towards its end. This year the IES together with project partners are focusing on disseminating the vast amount of content created by the consortium and building up a long-term virtual network of experts and practitioners. Several dissemination events are also expected to take place in the IES in autumn.