IES Co-organises ADVISE Liaison Workshop in Italy


On 24-25 November 2014 in the picturesque city of Pont-Saint-Martin, Aosta, Italy IES co-organised a workshop on social acceptability of smart surveillance, within the framework of the EU co-funded ADVISE research project.

This was followed by a winter school on multimodal and privacy-respecting video analytics sponsored by ADVISE’s sister project, VideoSense (25-26 November).

These two events took place at the premises of a cutting-edge conference and data centre of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. – the coordinator of the ADVISE project. They gathered representatives of five types of stakeholders – technologically-oriented research projects, socially-oriented projects, public authorities (law enforcement, European Commission in its research funding capacity, etc.), industry and civil society – with a view to discuss the acceptable extent of the invasiveness of contemporary surveillance solutions in the European society as well as the optimal methods of collaboration among these stakeholders in achieving so.

 The inspiration to organise the workshop came from an observation that there exists almost no dialogue between European research projects. Therefore, the organisers were fortunate that major EU research projects – LASIE, PARIS, SIAM, SINTESYS, SURVEILLE and VideoSense, supported by distinguished scholars in surveillance studies as well as representatives of police forces using modern surveillance solutions – kindly contributed to the events. The findings of the MultiDisc study on shaping the multidisciplinary approach in research projects, completed by the IES-VUB, were also presented at the event.

The ADVISE Liaison Workshop succeeded in bringing a broad range of opinions and interests together in one room and is a major success.