IES experts give lecture at the Sustainability Bootcamp - Registration open!

Curious to learn more about sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective? The Sustainability Bootcamp combines lectures from both academic and operational experts from different disciplines, and will bring you in 4 days (from 9 - 12 April 2018) at the state-of-the-art in sustainability. Getting inspired for innovation and meeting peers in an open atmosphere at our green campus in Brussels is the ultimate goal of this bootcamp. The combination of academic lectures pointing out the latest knowledge in the field together with professionals sharing their experiences is a unique and enriching concept.

The Bootcamp bundles VUB sustainability expertise into one condensed lecture series during the second week of the Spring holidays. The multidisciplinarity of the experts and renowned lecturers will add an extra dimension to the Bootcamp, necessary to understand the broader picture of this subject. Testimonials by amongst others: Colruyt Group, Engie, Triodos Bank, the European Commission, ...

The Sustainability Bootcamp consists an introductory session, four thematic modules spread out over the four days and an active closing activity.

Professor for Environment and Sustainable Development at the IES, Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, together with IES Doctoral Researcher Tomas Wyns, will lecture a module on Politics and mitigation strategies and specifically address the question: “What can authorities and companies do?”.

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