IES professor Harri Kalimo and Prof Vassilis Hatzopoulos give training to EU’s SOLVIT experts on Professional Qualifications on the EU internal market

In her speech to the European Parliament on 27.11, Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen highlighted the need to make the European internal market work better. She highlighted the need to open up the markets, while at the same time not leaving anyone behind. The challenge is to support a better functioning EU market, in particular on services, while making sure that the workers’ rights and professions are governed in fair and transparent fashion. A balance needs to be struck between the free movement of workers, services and establishment, on the one hand, and the regulation of professions, on the other. These themes were explored in great detail in 2-day training sessions on Free movement in the context of Professional Qualifications, offered by IES Professor Harri Kalimo, Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos (Pantheion University, Athens) and researcher Lea Mateo, on 22.-23.10. and 4.-5.12. at the IES. The trainees were experts from the SOLVIT network, established by the Commission in 2001 to help companies and individuals with problems to operate across the borders. In order to reinforce the functioning of the network, the 2017 SOLVIT Action plan set out to enhance the capacity of national SOLVIT centers to support businesses operating in the Single Market. The IES is proud to be contributing to this endeavor for the Executive Agency on SMEs (EASME) and DG GROW. The impacts of SOLVIT’s reinforced legal expertise improve the functioning of the internal market of professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers, plumbers, nurses or real estate agents. Prof Kalimo’s team has also developed an online training platform for the SOLVIT experts on the free movement of goods. The IES trainings hence contribute directly into building a more prosperous, yet socially sustainable, European Union.