IES proposes VUB Fellow award for Ms. Shada Islam (Friends of Europe)

Every year, VUB awards the title of “VUB Fellow”, the highest grade of membership at the University, to a series of outstanding personalities. Throughout the year, VUB Fellows meet to discuss challenges facing Europe and education, share business tactics, and exchange ideas in order to improve society. On 21 June, several new Fellows will be inaugurated and welcomed in the VUB community at a VUB Fellowship ceremony in the Concert Noble. IES Academic Director Luk Van Langenhove, who acts as Faculty Fellowship Coordinator for the Faculty of Social Sciences, will present five new fellows.

Amongst them is Ms. Shada Islam who receives the title of “VUB Solvay Fellow” on the proposal of the IES. Ms. Islam is the Director of Europe and Geopolitics at Friends of Europe, a renowned and influential independent think tank based in Brussels. The journal Politico nominated her in 2017 as one of 20 women that “shape Brussels”. The IES and VUB are extremely excited to welcome Ms. Shada Islam into our VUB Fellowship family.