IES, VUB and RHEA expand EDGE project on democratic governance

The IES, together with the VUB political science department and RHEA, the VUB’s interdisciplinary research centre on gender, diversity and intersectionality, received very good news. The Strategic Research Programme EDGE was evaluated positively and will be able to continue its activities for a new 5-year period. The Strategic Research Programmes are financed by the Research Council of VUB and are meant to stimulate the work of a limited number of strong research groups.

EDGE was so far a collaboration between the Political Science Department and the IES. For the 2017-2022 period It will expand its reach by fusing its activities with RHEA, and its research group on ‘Gendering Ethnicity and Ethicizing Gender’ (GEEK). The new EDGE Programme will focus on three broad research topics: Time and Sustainability, Gender & Diversity, and Contestation. It wants to further and deepen our understanding of the challenges to democratic governance and the normative frames with which they are analyzed and discussed. The research projects will develop approaches that are innovative and that move beyond the mainstream methods and techniques used in the research on democratic governance. EDGE will reach out to all those who are interested in being part of this Strategic Research Programme.