IES/VeCo’s Jonas Lefevere co-authors extensive survey "De Stemming van Vlaanderen"

For a study commissioned by the Flemish public broadcaster (VRT) and the newspaper De Standaard, Jonas Lefevere (Vesalius College / Institute for European Studies) and Stefaan Walgrave (UAntwerp) conducted an extensive survey of Flemish voters in an effort to track evolutions in political opinion since the 2019 general elections in Belgium, now roughly one year ago. Because the survey was fielded in the middle of the Corona pandemic, it was decided to also include extensive measurements of attitudes towards the lockdown, government performance, and the ongoing political crisis that culminated in the formation of the minority government Wilmès.

The full report is currently under embargo, but will be released on the partner universities' websites in the coming months. Look for the first results, to appear on 20, 23 and 25 May on the websites of the media partners: VRT and De Standaard (here and here).