Jamal Shahin at the ALL-YOUTH Conference in Helsinki

IES Research Professor Jamal Shahin gave a keynote speech at the Conference Finland 3.0 of the ALL-YOUTH project, held on 22-23 November at the University of Helsinki. Jamal’s presentation, entitled ‘Youth Participation in Internet Governance’, addressed the role of youth organizations in the global multistakeholderism dynamics of Internet governance. The session used interactive tools to engage the audience in a debate around how is the Internet governed, and why is it politically, economically and socially relevant. Jamal pointed at youth as an actor with a strong voice that has had a key role in the different fora with which the Internet has opened up to stakeholder participation. The session displayed several video testimonies of young people involved in the Internet governance through platforms such as the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG) or the No Hate Speech Movement of the Council of Europe. In addition to Jamal’s intervention, the Conference included a keynote speech from prof. Ann Phoenix of the University College London entitled “Understanding Youth Wellbeing in Intersectional Perspective”. 

All Youth Want to Rule their World (ALL-YOUTH) is a research project addressing the topic of youth engagement with society from a multidisciplinary angle. It adopts the theoretical prisms and methodologies of several academic disciplines like political science, law, data science and educational sciences with the purpose of analyzing young people’s capacities and obstacles to achieve active citizenship. The IES is an active member of this research project, which was funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland (decision no 312689).

Read more about the ALL-YOUTH project on this website.