Karel De Gucht delivers a lecture at the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies in Seoul

President of Institute for European Studies, Karel De Gucht has delivered a lecture on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, at the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies in Seoul. During his lecture on ‘The Rise of China and the Future of the Global Economic Order’, Mr. De Gucht touched upon a series of key issues currently facing the global trading regime. He pointed out how trade is increasingly being used as a political tool to create and maintain ‘spheres of influence’ in the world. China is one of the key factors in debates about globalization and protectionism, and Europe’s economic interdependence with it presents the continent with a series of challenges. Mr. De Gucht also shared some insights from his time as EU Trade Commissioner in negotiating trade deals and launching anti-dumping cases. Finally, he emphasized the need for Europe and its like-minded partners to hold the torch of global free trade, and to take its leadership role in trade more seriously.