KF-VUB Korea Chair and Elcano Royal Institute organised roundtable on assessing recent developments on the Korean Peninsula

The roundtable ‘Towards Reunification or Confrontation: Assessing recent developments on the Korean Peninsula’ was held on 18 October, from 12.00 to 14.00, at the Press Association of Madrid (Claudio Coello 98, Madrid). It was jointly organised by Elcano Royal Institute and KF-VUB Korea Chair at the Institute for European Studies. The event was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Contrasting the situation on the Korean Peninsula in 2017, marked by heavy tension due to North Korea’s advances in its nuclear programme, the summits held between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Presidents Moon Jae-in and Donald Trump have opened the door to a new diplomatic process. The roundtable assessed this process and how it may affect inter-Korean relations and relations between Pyongyang and the international community.


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