Microplastics on EU policy agenda - Jean Monnet Chair Harri Kalimo at the 10th European Innovation Summit

On Tuesday 27.11. the European Parliament organized the 10th European Innovation Summit. These summits address hot topics on the EU’s policy agenda, highlighting developments in areas crucial for the Union’s competitiveness and sustainable development. The 10th Summit kicked off with a session “Tackling Microplastics with Sustainable Solutions”. Microplastics refer to the very small pieces of plastics that are either intentionally added to products (such as make-up, cleaners and toothpaste) or detach from larger plastic objects as they wear down (e.g. car tyres, textiles) or fragment over a longer period of time (e.g. plastic bottles). An interdisciplinary group of top scientists elaborated on the current state knowledge on microplastics in the 10thSummit. Jean Monnet Chair Harri Kalimo of the IES, in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, spoke to the expert audience of MEPs, policy-makers, industry and civil society representatives from the perspective of law and policy: what are the challenges and possibilities of regulating this quickly emerging issue area.