New policy brief: Using public procurement to drive demand of low-carbon innovation

In light of the European Commission’s launch of a guidance package for public procurers, i24C and International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) publish recommendations for the European Commission and member state authorities on how to better leverage the power of the public purse to drive demand of low-carbon innovation in sustainable infrastructure. The IES' Doctoral Researcher Matilda Axelson has been involved in the management of the research project and in the development of this policy brief.

Public procurement is a powerful tool for driving markets towards more sustainable production patterns and for creating markets for sustainable goods, services and infrastructure. Effective public procurement is about delivering the best value-for-money for taxpayers, but all too often the meaning of value-for-money is reduced to “cheapest price”. More can be done to effectively enable public procurement of sustainable infrastructure, and a strong legal and policy framework will allow and encourage this change.

This policy brief lists recommendations to the European Commission and to EU member states on how to implement policy actions that enable better use of public money, in order to deliver on the goals governments are pursuing on behalf of citizens: low-carbon transition, employment, sustainable development.

The policy brief is based on a larger research project, and the full report will be published in January 2018. The policy brief is accessible here.