New project on EU external energy policy under decarbonisation

A new 4-year research project entitled “Policy integration: decarbonisation and security of supply in the European Union's external energy policy” is currently taking off at the IES’ cluster on Environment and Sustainable Development. The project explores varying levels of integration of the key policy objectives of decarbonisation and security of supply into the European Union’s external energy policy toward third countries. It specifically focuses on the EU’s external energy policy toward and gas relations with key partner countries (Russia, Norway, Algeria/Azerbaijan). In addition to the project’s innovative empirical focus connecting the scientific communities addressing climate and energy policy, respectively, a novel analytical framework is to enable progress toward a general theory of policy integration. The project is funded by the Research Foundation Flanders—FWO and promoted by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, with Prof. Dr. Thijs Van de Graaf and Prof. Dr. Claire Dupont of Ghent University as co-promoters. A vacancy for a PhD researcher undertaking the project will remain open until 8 March.