New report on public procurement as a driver of low-carbon innovation in infrastructure

The IES Doctoral researcher Matilda Axelson has been involved in the development of a recently launched report by IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development) and the i24C (the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative), titled “Low-carbon innovation for sustainable infrastructure – The role of public procurement”.

Public procurement is a powerful tool which can be used to generate demand for innovative, low-carbon solutions that go in line with governmental goals, such as employment, sustainable development and a low-carbon transition for infrastructure. The public purse has a particularly strong impact on European goods, services and infrastructure, and can, if wisely managed, act as an enabler for driving markets towards more sustainable production patterns.

The report includes recommendations to the European Commission and to EU member states on how to implement policy actions that enable procurers to further seize the strategic opportunity of public procurement, and thereby generate sustainable value for society through investments in deep decarbonisation.

policy brief on the topic was launched in December 2017, and the full report is now available here.