Postdoctoral Researcher Ferran Davesa delivers keynote at the kick-off event of the ALL-YOUTH project

On 16 January, IES Postdoctoral Researcher Ferran Davesa delivered a keynote speech entitled "Structuring Youth Participation in Europe. Towards a New Engagement?" at the Opening seminar of the ALL-YOUTH research project in Tampere. The session was live streamed and can be accessed here (Davesa’s speech starts at min 45).

The Opening seminar of the ALL-YOUTH research project was a two-day intensive interactive session that involved researchers, politicians, civil society leaders, students and youth representatives from all around Finland. The aim was to introduce the ALL-YOUTH project to the community and to set the main priorities and research goals for the next three years.

ALL-YOUTH is a multidisciplinary project funded by the Strategic Research Council (STN) of Finland. The aim of the project is to promote young people's ability to influence their communities and society. Davesa will work as postdoctoral researcher for the project as a member of the IES. The other partners in the consortium are University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology, University of Helsinki and University of Eastern Finland.