Prof Kalimo delivers a keynote to Environmental journalists

On Wednesday 27 September IES Jean Monnet professor Harri Kalimo gave the keynote speech at a dinner, hosted by one of the European Parliament’s leading MEPs in environmental issues, Ms. Sirpa Pietikäinen. Talking to the Association of Environmental journalists, Professor Kalimo elaborated on how implementation should today be prominently addressed in two respects: it is one of the key “enablers”, listed in the Commission’s 7th Environmental Action Programme, and better implementation also figures prominently on the Juncker Commission’s Better Regulation agenda. Yet, when analysing the state of the affairs in practice – such as the availability, determinacy and precision of the Commission’s country conformity reports on the Member States’ environmental law --  there seems to be amble room for improvement. Citizens, NGOs and media play an important role in monitoring and complementing the Commission’s implementation duties, Kalimo reminded the journalists.