Professors Luis Simon and Alexander Mattelaer contemplate what Europe may look like in 2030

Europe’s future is not what it used to be. Ever since the global financial crisis broke out nearly a decade ago, Europe has been hit by one crisis after another. There has been a debt crisis, an economic crisis, an Arab Spring gone bad, a Ukraine conflict, a migration and refugee crisis, a subsequent wave of populism and nationalism running through much of Europe and a Brexit crisis. And now there is a Trump crisis, putting vital transatlantic ties into question. Under the umbrella of the Elcano Royal Institute, professors Luis Simon and Alexander Mattelaer joined forces with several other analysts to discuss the future of the European geopolitical architecture. The resulting Elcano Policy Paper builds on four alternative future scenarios for 2030, ranging from a failing Europe to a united European core and considering the possibilities of an Atlantic revival and a strong China subverting the European order.