Research project on Afro-Belgians presents conclusions

African fellow citizens are more often highly educated than Belgians, yet they have more difficulties in finding a job. This was the most diffused research result, in the Belgian press, on the first large-scale and representative survey on African-Belgians, to which IES research professor Ilke Adam contributed, and which was funded by the King Baudouin Foundation. The research report further inquired into Afro-Belgian’s migration histories, socio-economic and political participation, educational attainments, citizenship, belonging and discrimination, transnational practices and inter-group contacts. A specific focus was given to Afro-Belgians from the former Belgian colonies: Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. Regarding that, researchers studied the claims for historical justice relating to the colonial past. Afro-Belgians mainly support a better inclusion of the colonial history into the school curriculum, a demand supported by over 90% of the studied population.