Senior Researcher Claire Dupont visits University of Turku in Finland

Senior researcher Dr Claire Dupont worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Turku, Finland on January and February 2015.

Her work there fell under, and was partly funded by, the Academy of Finland project ‘Ecoherenceon reconciling values in policy and law. Claire’s work on climate policy integration in EU energy policy looks in part at the question of which objectives or values gain prominence in policymaking. The project is a joint IES-University of Turku research endeavour that brings together lawyers, political scientists and communication scientists.

During her visit in Turku, Claire was involved in variouty of activities: she discussed her research with a group of environmental lawyers, provided feedback on on-going research projects in Turku, collaborated with lawyers focused on intellectual property rights on various methods for the research project and helped advance the planning of the overall Ecoherence project for 2015-2016. She also enjoyed the Finnish snowy winter!