VUB migration and diversity researchers unite to cooperate more

On Friday 26 April, the Brussels Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Migration and Minorities (BIRMM) organized its first full research day. BIRMM is a VUB platform for migration and diversity researchers to meet, exchange and cooperate across disciplines.  It is coordinated by IES professors Ilke Adam and Florian Trauner. During the research day, organized by IES researcher Dr. Serena D’Agostino and Dr. Nick Schuermans (Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research), around 30 VUB researchers from many different disciplines presented and discussed their research. Strongly believing in the importance of interdisciplinary cross-fertilization, this research day allowed to get to know each other’s research. This will lead to further academic collaborations across the disciplinary divides. A first concrete interdisciplinary collaboration was discussed during a ‘Food for Thought’ session over lunch. More than 50 VUB researchers launched the process of writing an open-access book presenting VUB migration and diversity research to a wider audience.