Launch of TEMPUS project 'Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies'

The IES is a partner in a project financed by the TEMPUS funding stream beginning in January 2014. The Educational Development Unit of the IES is one of the nine partners of the consortium led by the University of Maastricht and involving universities from the UK, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The kick-off meeting took place on 12 February in Maastricht and the partners are now working on the first substantive Work Package aimed at mapping the state of the art in teaching European Studies.

The project, entitled 'Innovating Teaching and Learning of European Studies' (INOTLES) aims to promote the convergence of European Studies core curricula between EU and the neighbouring countries and to provide teacher training in innovative teaching methods such as e-learning/ blended learning, problem-based learning and the use of simulations.

The EDU will be involved in various Working Packages, including organising a teacher training session in Brussels in the summer of 2014, conducting literature review on teaching methods in European Studies and offering a course on the EU institutional setup via the online platform to students from all the participating universities.

You can found out more on the INOTLES website.