News from the IES

IES researchers Sebastian Oberthür and Lisanne Groen, both members of the Environment and Sustainable Development cluster, attended the UN climate change negotiations in Bonn, Germany, that were held from 1 to 11 June 2015. 

Prof. Dr. Marie Lamensch (EEG cluster) was awarded the prestigious 2015 Maurice Lauré Prize (International Fiscal Association) for her doctoral dissertation entitled "“European Value-Added Tax in the Digital Era: a Critical Analysis and Proposals for Reform", which she defended at the IES/VUB in July 2014.

This Policy Brief reviews the implementation of the EU Blue Card (BC) Directive in Member States and offers some suggestions on how to improve its potential. Firstly, it traces back the origin of the current partitioned approach in labour migration and the objectives that an EU labour migration policy should achieve according to the Commission. Secondly, it reports on the content of the directive and its implementation in Member States. Thirdly, there is an analysis of the weaknesses of the directive in terms of numbers of BCs issued and harmonization achieved.

This is your last chance to ask the Programme Director and an LLM alumni questions about the LLM programme in International and European Law of the IES (“PILC”). The Institute for European Studies Brussels will host a webinar for prospective students followed by Q&A session on Tuesday 9 June from 17:00 – 17:45 (Central European Time, GMT +1:00)

The Institute for European Studies has restructured the programme and partnered with Université Catholique de Louvain to create a compelling and unique  degree designed to give its students an understanding of the most important aspects of the EU integration process.

IES researchers working on the sustainability and trade of biofuels are part of an expanding community. This community has a new post-doctoral member as Ms. Seita Romppanen from the University Eastern Finland in Joensuu successfully defended her doctoral thesis on Thursday 28 May. IES' Professor Dr. Harri Kalimo acted as the opponent in Seita’s defence.

On 11 March, 23 students from the various disciplines at the VUB participated in the simulation workshop held at the IES. The Temple Asylum game was organized by Dr. Christof Roos and Ólöf Söebech as a part of the FP7 funded SOURCE project on societal security that the institute is a part of.

Prof. Dr. Harri Kalimo, along with IES researchers Filip Sedefov, Ólöf Söebech and Byron Maniatis, participated in the project kickoff meeting of the project: BFSJ - Production of fully synthetic paraffinic jet fuel from wood and other biomass on 24 March in Commission premises in Brussels.

IES Academic Director, Sebastian Oberthür, gave a keynote presentation at an international workshop on Legal Aspects of the Paris Climate Change Agreement that was held in Brussels on 21 April 2015 under the auspices of the Belgian Federal Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. Sebastian’s presentation was entitled 'Towards a 2015 Paris Agreement: Obligations of Result, Obligations of Conduct – or Both?'.

IES Academic Director Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür is the leading co-author of a comprehensive proposal for securing an ambitious and fair climate agreement in 2015.

The proposal, “Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Suggestions for the Legal Text”, is meant to inform policy makers’ decisions leading up to and during the climate summit in Paris this December.