News from the IES

Acting IES Academic Director Prof. Dr. Alexander Mattelaer, IES Senior Researcher Prof. Dr. Luis Simon  and PhD Researcher Stephan Klose will present their research at the Brussels-Seoul Security Forum on Tuesday, 25 November 2014.

The conference entitled “What Korea Needs, What Europe Wants: Regional and Global Security Cooperation Between Europe and the Republic of Korea” will take place in the Obama Hall in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul.

Alexander Mattelaer will present on "Europe as a Global Security Provider: Values and Technocratic Solutions". Luis Simon will deliver a speech on "The Future of NATO and the Transatlantic Relationship". Last but not least, Stephan Klose, will deliver his presentation on "Developments in the EU’s Strategic Partnerships in East Asia".

On 19 November IES Academic Director, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür, and PhD researcher Tomas Wyns spoke to Members of the European Parliament in the Environment and Industry Committees on the future of EU climate and energy policy.

They gave a presentation entitled: "Delivering the 2030 climate and energy targets - Long term policy commitments to trump short-term politics".

 Between 3 - 7 November, IES Postdoctoral researcher Prof. Dr. Luis Simon and IES Executive Director Anthony Antoine visited the University of Southern California (Los Angeles). Luis and Anthony held different information sessions for prospective students who want to join the IES Brussels Programme on EU Foreign Policy, a five-week programme held every year in May/June.

We are delighted to announce that Queenie Swerts, an IES-VUB alumna MSc European Integration and Development (EuroMaster), has been selected as a finalist of the ING Thesis Award.

Queenie was selected for her thesis on 'The Gold Reserves of the European Central Bank: A Mystery or a Clever Choice?' (promoter Prof. dr. Leo Van Hove).

This autumn the IES has welcomed two new PhD Researchers. Klaudia Majcher has joined the IES European Economic Governance cluster and Stephan Klose has joined the IES European Foreign and Security Policy cluster.

Klaudia Majcher's PhD research focuses on EU competition law and data protection law in the context of the EU digital market.

Stephan Klose's research project aims at understanding how strategic dialogues between the EU and its Asian partners (China, Japan, India and South Korea) limit or enable particular representations of the EU as a political and security actor and how such representations are used by EU institutions to legitimize (an extension of) the European integration project.

IES PhD researcher Lisanne Groen attended the 12th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which took place from Monday 6 to Friday 17 October 2014.

On 26-28 October EDU researcher Alexandra Mihai took part in the EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network) 8th Research Workshop in Oxford ( Adopting an innovative and highly interactive approach, the workshop gathered around 140 researchers from 34 countries in Europe and beyond and provided a forum to discuss their latest research output on the use of technology-enhanced learning. Alexandra facilitated a workshop on the challenges of conducting multi-disciplinary research, bringing together researchers from various backgrounds who shared both their best practice in teaching and their research experience.

On 20-24 October the IES EDU team successfully delivered the first one week teacher training session in the context of the project Euro-entrepreneurship: University Qualifications for the Europeanisation of the Romanian Society.

The training focused both on refreshing and updating the professors’ knowledge about the functioning of the EU and on discussing various active learning methods that can be used in their courses.

On 13-15 October the On 13-15 October the EDU organised the 2014 autumn edition of the intensive training EU in Close-up. The training brought together a group of professionals working in the public, private and non-governmental sector aiming to learn more about the way the EU functions and especially how the latest institutional changes might impact the policy-making process. The EDU trainings offer a mix of lectures from academics and practitioners and more active learning methods such as simulation games, whereby participants gain first hand experience on how the EU works in practice.

Mr. Adilur Rahman Khan, a leading human rights lawyer from Bangladesh and alumnus of the IES-VUB PILC programme (now the LLM International & European Law), has been selected as the honoree for the 2014 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, now in its 31st year. The award recognizes his courageous work uncovering the most serious human rights violations in Bangladesh and initiates a partnership to support his efforts to promote and safeguard human rights. Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy will present Mr. Rahman Khan with the 2014 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in Washington, D.C., in a ceremony in November. Adilur Rahman Khan is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, a former Deputy Attorney General for Bangladesh (October 2001 – May 2007) and a founder and the Secretary of the human rights organisation Odhikar.