The Geopolitics of Decarbonisation – Reshaping European Foreign Politics

Dennis Tänzler
Emily Wright
Sebastian Oberthür
Gauri Khandekar
Angela Van Dijk

With the European Green Deal, the European Commission has committed to accelerating decarbonisation in Europe as a major priority. This also needs to be adequately reflected in European external relations, as this comprehensive study shows. With the incoming German EU Presidency, there is a real opportunity to pave the way for a new era of EU foreign policy – and to begin systematically reshaping EU external relations so that they reflect the priorities of the Green Deal.


Dennis Tänzler, Emily Wright, Sebastian Oberthür, Gauri Khandekar and Angela Van Dijk. (2020), The Geopolitics of Decarbonisation. Reshaping European Foreign Relations, Berlin: adelphi research. Available at: