Rage Against the Machine: The emergence of the norm against ‘killer’ robots

18 Dec 2018 12:00
18 Dec 2018 14:00

Venue: Pleinlaan 5, room Voltaire, first floor

Launched in London only five years ago, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots—an international NGO coalition led by the Human Rights Watch—has advocated for the ban of fully autonomous weapons. It remains to be seen whether the NGO coalition’s decision to emphasize the threat of an arms race in military artificial intelligence rather than ethical or moral implications of the full automatization of warfare will prove to be successful as that of the taboo surrounding nuclear weapons. This forthcoming EDGE SEMINAR will address the creation of the advocacy network and its efforts to give rise to the norm of the non-use of fully autonomous weapons in warfare, drawing comparisons and contrasts with the eventual taboo of nuclear weapons use. Furthermore, the research raises interesting questions about the space that advocacy networks occupy in global governance.

Participation is free of charger, but due to room limitations, please register here. A light lunch will be provided.