Jimmy Hendry Nzally

Jimmy Hendry Nzally

Phd Researcher Migration, Diversity & Justice


Jimmy's research focuses on The Gambia - one of the smallest country in mainland Africa.  He look at its democratic transition during the 2016 presidential election that ended 52 years of non-change of government through the ballot box. In this context, the project involves examining the power shift from former president Yahya Jammeh who vowed to rule the Gambia for a billion years to the opposition coalition leader Adama Barrow. This election defeat ended Jammeh’s two decades reign (1994 - 2016), after coming to power through a military takeover by ousting the first- democratically elected president in the person of Dawda Jawara.

Academically, he hold an undergraduate in Development Studies and a master's in African History from the University of The Gambia (UTG). At the VUB Jimmy did a second Master's Degree in Linguistics and Literary before starting his PhD research.  He is a reguar contributor on national debates through interviews/articles about his native country in the context of the political transition. Thus, his latest article offers a crtitical reflection into The Gambia's Tripatite Regime published by the Gambia Law Review Journal. 

At the VUB, Jimmy is known for his engagments in student as well as campus activities. His engagments which are geared towards strengthening of internationalisation, earned him the opportutntiy to have delivered a speech on behalf of the international students during the 2017-2018 academic opening in Bozar. In the same year and indeed during the Graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, he delivered the valedictorian speech. Other key positions he held includes being the Chairperson of the VUB International Student Platforrm, he founded the VUB Africa Student Community (ASCOM), and inspired the formation of the VUB Latin American Student Commmunity (LASCOM).

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